Thursday, July 30, 2009

vegan footwear

Getting Your Vegan Fix With Earth Vegan Shoes
By Jamie Peterson

Are you a vegetarian? A true vegetarian is someone who wouldn't dream of harming animals in any way. They choose not to eat meat and not to use anything that is made out of animal body part. You can't get away with wearing fur these days. This will definitely raise numerous PETA eyebrows, so it is better to wear fake furs. The same goes with bags and footwear. Not surprisingly, you will find numerous vegan products in the market. In fact, you will even find Earth Vegan shoes in the market these days.

Vegan Footwear? Really?

Yes, they are! Basically, this comprises sandals, slippers, boots and others that were manufactured without harming animals or using animal parts. They are not made of leather. Usually, they are made out of combined polyurethane and nylon micro fibers that feel almost like real leather or suede - it's practically hard to see the difference.

When you look for sandals and boots, you should consider those that have been certified by the Vegan Society. These certified brands, like Earth Vegan shoes, have passed the strict standards set by the organization. Needless to say, there is no room for argument about whether or not these products are genuinely vegan.

Getting Your Own Pair Online

There are actually numerous online stores selling these kinds of shoes. You can browse through several sites and you would find the most beautiful collections for both men and women. You will find slippers, boots, sandals as well as casual, dress and sports footwear. You can definitely find a pair that you can wear to work. In fact, you will find a pair for all occasions. They come in various styles, colors, designs and sizes. Many of these selections are weather resistant, so they are perfect regardless of the weather and temperature. If you don't know which shoes to get, maybe you should check out Earth Vegan shoes, but regardless of what brand you choose, make sure that you get the best value for your money.

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