Wednesday, June 10, 2009

earth shoes

Understanding the Many Benefits of Good Earth Shoes

By Peter I Smithson

If there is any brand of shoes that deserve to be called "healthy", these are good Earth shoes. Indeed, these shoes are great for your feet. In fact, they are great for your body and for your health because there are many benefits to using them.

What are Earth Shoes?
This is actually a shoe manufacturing company. They first introduced their negative heel shoes in the market back in the 1970's, but they eventually closed down their operations. After several years of absence, the company is back and is once again producing quality and healthy shoes for the public. Indeed, they have long been missed.

Since their return, they have re-introduced good Earth shoes, the footwear with 3.7 degrees inclined sole. They have also expanded considerably, so you can find their products practically anywhere especially with the introduction of online shopping. The company has introduced a whole range of shoes. They carry lines for both men and women. You can now find dress shoes, boots, sandals, slippers, casual shoes and sports shoes, so you can now find shoes that you can match with various outfits.

Good Earth Shoes and Their Negative Heel Technology

In case you're wondering what makes this brand of shoe good. The answer basically lies on their negative heel technology. Good Earth shoes are negative heel shoes. All of the shoes from this manufacturer have an inclined sole inserted into them to make sure that the toes will be placed slightly higher than the heels.

The focus of this design is not just on comfort. It is actually more geared towards ensuring proper body posture, so you would maintain correct body alignment while you wear good Earth shoes. It's actually an innovative concept which has been proven correct by many people. Many people who complain of back and leg pain have found relief from these shoes. Women have noticed more toned muscles and tighter legs. Actually, the negative heel technology also helps strengthens your leg muscles. You are practically exercising every time you walk or run with these shoes on. You also burn more calories. These are actually some of the reasons why many people love wearing these shoes. There are really many benefits to using these shoes, but you can really enjoy them if you get your own pair of good Earth shoes.

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