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kalso earth shoes

Health Benefits of the Negative Heel Technology in Earth Shoes
By Jeremy Jon Foster

Earth Shoes is a shoe company that was started by the Kalso family in Minneapolis, Minnesota, back in the early seventies. Earth Shoes was established at a time when the company was designing and manufacturing for other well-known brands. After an absence of many years from the market it was recently re-launched and the famous "3.7 degrees" is back with a bang.

Since its return to the market, the company has expanded considerably, and these days you'll find Earth Shoes just about anywhere on the planet. The only thing different from the original "hippy-style" shoe is that a whole new range of footwear was designed and made available to suit changing times and trends.

To keep up with increasing demand, the owners employ many manufacturing companies to do the work. One of the main and most probably the largest factory outlets is in mainland China. Regular contact and communication with these companies ensures that the final product has the quality and style that Earth Shoes is renowned for.

What is "Negative Heel Technology" all about?
"Negative Heel Technology" is basically about the angle at which the front part of the foot is higher than that of the heels. To be precise, it is exactly 3.7 degrees higher. When the shoe was designed, Anne Kalso was not only focusing on comfort and style but on improving the posture as well while the shoe is worn. Bearing in mind that she was at the time also a Yoga instructor, it is not difficult to deduce where the idea came from! Holding the correct posture is of primary importance for the Yoga instructor. Once it is in place and is held there it is not long before an improved noticeable difference is detected in bodily functions. Her idea to incorporate a yoga position into a shoe design has certainly paid off. Well being, health and comfort for her fellow human beings are the primary concerns for this remarkable woman, and she has achieved her aims with great success.

The design of the Earth Shoe allows the heel to dig back while the front is lifted and relaxed. The toes are also comfortably spread. The spine automatically straightens and the stomach muscles pull tight; breathing improves as the head is held straight and the shoulders roll back. Headaches start to decrease and slouching also becomes a thing of the past. Thus it eliminates back pain or any prospects of it. Walking at that angle is similar to walking in thick sand. The calves and thighs get a gentle workout as well. This greatly improves the prospects of ending up with a shapely pair of legs. A better functioning body definitely has a positive effect on the mind as well.

For some people slipping into a pair of Earth shoes will pose no problem. However those that are accustomed to high heels might find it a bit difficult at first to get used to the feet being in the opposite angle. This however depends entirely upon the individual. Exercises usually do the trick otherwise professional medical advice is recommended for those with problem or deformed feet.

The designers of Earth Shoes make use of various professionals, including a podiatrist, chiropractor and biomechanics specialist, to create the ultimate shoe for comfort, health and style. The 3.7 degree negative heel technology is applied to every single pair of Earth Shoes made.

New technology has made some types of Earth Shoes even better, with a special type of gel, called Gelron 2000, placed in the entire foot bed of the shoe. To complement it all, the design also includes arch support in all the right places. This makes it the ideal shoe for pregnant women or anyone who is carrying some extra weight and would prefer a more supportive shoe.

The gel allows the foot to mold into a perfect fit and this lends added comfort. With the gel creating a gentle massage effect the result is that tired, aching feet become a thing of the past. Those who are constantly on their feet for long hours will find this an incredible blessing as the tiredness will be drastically reduced.

Where can you find them?
Earth Shoes has designed shoes that are appropriate for all types of physical activities and exercises. They are hardwearing and relatively cheaper than other similar designer claims. The range of styles also seems to be more diverse as well as very up to date and attractive.

There are many stores that stock Earth Shoes and are therefore quite easy to obtain in the United States. Because of its increasing popularity worldwide it has become available almost everywhere. If there are any difficulties found in obtaining a pair they can always be ordered online.

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