Tuesday, July 28, 2009

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How Are Clogs Supposed to Fit, Really?

By Cindy Sutherland

With the popularity of modern day clogs such as Dansko, Sanita, Keen, El Naturalista, Merrell, Earth, etc., clogs are much more sophisticated than their original wooden counterpart.

The revolutionary polyurethane rocker-bottom, in addition to the wooden version, is accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association & has alleviated if not negated body pain & discomfort from it's loyal followers. Everyone from nurses & doctors to chefs & flight attendants are singing the praises of the polyurethane rocker bottom sole that propels the foot forward for an easy walking gait & reduces stress to the ball-of-foot.

After deciding to join in & find out what all the fuss is about, I learned a thing or two about the proper fit and feel of a clog. And, to my surprise, the clogs were more comfortable than my ever-present slippers and flip-flops. In fact, I've traded my fluffy pink slippers for a pair of Sanita professional closed back-clogs!

Here is a summary of what I learned after taking clog 101:

Open-Backed Clogs

Your heel should be at the very back of the clog (maybe even a slight bit over). In this way, you have the most secure fit and are best able to control your clog.

Closed-Back Clogs

These stylish clogs offer protection for the back of your foot and keep the clog from slipping off. However, these are clogs (not shoes!) and will come UP & DOWN on your foot. Accordingly, you need enough room behind your heel to move freely. (If you rub against the back, you will get blisters!)

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